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Can you give a recipe for I.P. Pollo Ala Crema?


I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply. For some reason I just saw your comment. I think Pollo a la Crema would be perfect in the IP. It’s not a Cuban recipe, but I will add it to my list of recipes to work on. Thank you so much for the idea!


I have been wanting to learn some authentic Cuban dishes, so glad to have found your site while initially looking for a review on the Instant Pot Omni, which byw your review was excellent! Thank you!
I will look forward to trying this recipe as soon as I can get the Sazon con Asafran hopefully here in Canada. ( already have the Crystal! 😉
Thank you for your reviews, tips and recipes!!


ok Thanks! I will try making it from scratch! 🙂

Lydia Alejandre

How many servings does the Instant Pot Cuban Arroz Con Pollo make?

Lydia Alejandre

I made this dish last night for the first time. I had run out of Cumin so I didn’t use any but my family still loved it. The chicken came out very moist and tender. Thank you for the recipe.

Lydia Alejandre

I’m definitely going to try more of your cuban recipes! So glad I found you.

andrea cuenca

Can you use drumsticks for this ?


Hi Lana! I just had a dish called “Arroz Texano” from a restaurant that included rice and shrimp that was soooo delicious! I think there was queso on it? Do you have anything similar to that? Or, could I substitute shrimp somehow with this? I would appreciate any/all suggestions/input. Thanks so much!


Hi there, I want to make sure I am
Understanding the directions. It’s 2 regular cups of water and 1.5 cup of beer, but 3 rice cups ( not regular cups?) thanks!


Hello! What if we don’t have the rice cup that came with the instant pot ?


If I want to cut the chicken & rice recipe in 1/2 because I only have a 3 qt pot how do I adjust the cooking time or do I leave it the same?


Thank you so much for this recipe! My boyfriend and I loved it! I really enjoy your site and I’m hoping to make the flan next!


Hi Lana! I have made this recipe 2x and while we LOVEEEE the flavor my rice always comes out a bit mushy/overcooked – any tips as to what i am doing wrong?? i have followed the recipe to a T both times!


I have an 8 qt instant pot. Using Carolina Brand Jasmine long-grain. Yes, using the plastic cup that came with it. Rinsing the rice about 2x.


Any idea what I should reduce the time to on the IP? I did not realize this at all? We LOVE the flavors of this dish which is why I made it 2x thinking i did something wrong the first time!

Brynn Cruz

My husband is Cuban and I have always used his mom's recipe which she cooked in a stove top pressure cooker. It was good! But always burned on the bottom, even when she made it. I tried to convert it for the instant pot and it seemed the rice was partially over done and partially under done. Your recipe is very similar to hers. I used wine instead of beer because that is what she used. I made it tonight. I actually made it twice, I had both of my Instant Pots going with a batch in each. It turned… Read more »

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