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Sara K

Heavenly looking matzo soup! Cannot wait to make a batch this weekend!


Thank you so much. Let me know how you like it!


I am so sick and my only daughter lives far far away.. Guess I have to make my own IP MATZAH BALL SOUP.

Esther Blanchard

I can’t find the recipe for your matzo balls. Thanks!


I completely forgot to add it since I usually use the box mix. But I will add the recipe from my grandmother’s JCC cookbook tonight. ❤

Helena Leung

I’d be interested in the make your own matzo ball recipe too!!!

[…] Follow directions to cook the matzo balls here. […]


It seems like the carrots would be mushy after an hour in the IP???


If you cut them in thick chuncks they won’t be. You can’t use baby carrots. ❤

Lauren Greenberg

How long would you cook the chicken for if it’s defrosted and not frozen?


This is the second time I’m making your soup. My son loves it! How much of the fine noodles do you add?

Susan Meisner

This was wonderful, although I didn’t know the exact size of my Costco chicken (bought a two-pack which must have been over eight pounds total. Separated and checked for giblets before freezing. If Costco never uses a bag for the giblets that Is really helpful). My chicken fit but was over the fill line — which I couldn’t see. The pot didn’t seal. Made for a long night. I was able to open the pot and rearrange the cooked chicken but for safety’s sake cooked until pot sealed. Much more flavorful than soup made on the stove and my matzoh… Read more »

Susan Meisner

Funny, I was having that same conversation on the way to Costco this morning. We are usually only cooking for two so I didn’t want to store the larger eight quart. But the main thing I want to cook in there is a frozen chicken, either roast or soup, and I am really challenged by the size limitations. I asked the Costco rep if he had any smaller chickens and he said everything was out. The smallest package I could find wasn’t priced so he weighed and priced it for me. Just under eight pounds for the two. But because… Read more »


This is the best chicken soup I have ever made. Thank you.

Sharon Cohan

When making this on the stove, I make it it a day before I want to serve it so that I can skim the fat off of the top of the soup. Isn’t there fat on the top of the soup when it’s cooked in the instapot?


Can you freeze this soup?

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