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Glad I found this recipe. Love the flavor.


Like this recipe, i’m making again.

Rebecca King

I have a pan that looks similar to your flanera, but it’s 8″ across. Could I use it anyway, even though the flan would be shorter (and obviously wider)?

Rebecca King

The pan fits, and in fact is designed as a pot-in-pot pan for the IP. So perhaps I mismeasured? In any case, I’m going to try the recipe. My son is coming home from Miami this week and this Lebanese mama is trying her hand at croquetas and flan so my boy’s tummy will feel happy!

Rebecca King

Well, I never did get around to making the croquetas, but I made the flan and it came out very well! I didn’t let my caramel get quite as dark as perhaps I should have, but I was worried it was starting to burn. But it’s still gorgeous, and I can’t wait to slice into it after dinner. Thank you for this recipe!

Kim McNeill

I made this last night and it was very tasty. However, I will say if you are at high altitudes, it takes longer. The sugar took close to 20 minutes and next time, I’ll cook the flan for 20 minutes (it was not close to being done at 15).


Would it be possible to use 1% or 2% milk or does it have to be whole milk?


I used skim and it’s still great! I also went an extra 5 minutes but I do that with everything in my Lux.


Im making this for the first time today! This German girl loves flan. I even bought myself a flanera!

Alina M. Abramson

I make my flan in a pan that fits a 6 qt. (I posted pic in IP group on FB). The latches on that pan which came from Cuba in 1960 don’t really work anymore. I have a bigger one with a lid that is tight. My regular recipe is 4 eggs, 2 cups milk. 20 min high full NPR. I was thinking that I could make it in the bigger pan in my 8 qt. and use 6 eggs and 3 cups milk. Do you think I need to up the cooking time? The newer pan is also fluted… Read more »

Alina M. Abramson

Thank you so much. The old one is pretty beat up and getting harder to clean. I may just make the recipe in the newer pan using the original amount. It will be flatter but should still be pretty. I need to see the difference in volume with water. My recipe fills the old one to the very top.


Can u please make a YouTube video of this? Thank u so much


Can you please make a YouTube video of this? Thanks!


I watch it so many times but I still want to see this version.. actually making this flan now but when I took it out.. center was still liquid so I put it back for another 5 mins.. waiting for npr now… wish me luck.


Omg the flan is perfect! Now I have an IP flan recipe full proof! Thank you sooo much!


Can you please make a YouTube video of this? Thanks!


In 1960 when the first Cubans came to Miami my cuban neighbor Rosa shared her recipe and gave me the coffee can to make it in. 1 can cond. Milk, 1 can evaporated milk, 4/5 eggs, pinch of salt, vanilla, mixed in a blender and cooked in a pressure cooker. That can rusted out many years ago, coffee no longer comes in a can, the pressurecooker has been replaced, but the flan is still delicious. Obtained flanerias at a local International market here in Naples Fl and cook 2 at a time in the IP, 6 qt., as one is… Read more »


Hi! When you cook 2 at a time, do you increase the water or cooking time? Also do you just stack them on top of each other. 2 at a time is genius and I would love to give it a try.

miriam jimenez

I tried your recipe today. After 1 1/2 hours, the middle of the flan was not cooked yet. I put it in for another 15 minutes and 20 mins natural release. Still looks uncooked in the middle. What happened? Thank you.

Bruce/Linda Vacca

I did everything as stated but my 1st attempt after opening the flan from the cooking was it was liquid. I still waited 1.5 hrs but still liquid. So redid 15 minutes in pot-just a little bit more cooked. Refrig over night and still liquid. Finally put in oven in pan of water and cooked 30 min., refrig and was set. What should I adjust the cook time in instant pot so would be cooked?


I made your recipe and I love it. Thank you. I would like to make a pumpkin flan. Can I just add 1 can of pumpkin to this recipe.

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