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Can’t wait to find out how it all works! This is a much better deal than the Cuisinart all in one!


Where can I find this?

Sandi Todd

Thank you! Very helpful and informative!


Good morning, Lana. Just read you first cooking review and decided for the first time in my life to watch your opening video you’re(truly-first time, ‘cuz I have NEVER watched on purpose ANY info video other than what comes across on FB.. I enjoyed it btw. 😊). had already ordered the air cooker – due to arrive on the 12th – and now I am more excited about its coming than ever. I’ve been cooking for more than 60 years and converted to the IP a scant few months ago. It’s not my go to for everything, but does cover… Read more »


Do you know if the entire Vortex is coated with Teflon or just the trays? Teflon is a deal-breaker for me unless I can just replace the trays. Thank you for any info. you can provide!

Ian Blew

I just watched both of your videos on the Instant vortex plus. Thank for showing me how to remove the door. Also, the idea for the hot dogs! Have you tried air popcorn in the basket?

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