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Lisa Hill

Is there a way to make this wonderful goodness in my oven? Vortex isn’t in the budget right now.

Lisa Hill

Thank you so much! I do have an 8qt Instant pot, so we’ve been able to make most of your delicious recipes!


Lana, made it today. We just came back from Grand Cayman and had Tortuga Rum Cake. Comparing the two, yours is lighter and has more Rum taste! We prefer yours!

Question, does it have to be refrigerated?


Can we add the walnuts to the bottom of the pan?
Where did you get the pan?

[…] Air Fryer Cuban Rum Cake […]

Zack Hernandez

Why choose the air fry function over the bake function?

Jennifer Munoz

I am not able to bake a cake on my Instand vortex. Every time I try to make a cake it look good on the top but the bottom is raw. The cake I am trying to bake is 6″ it is smaller that the one on the recepi. Any suggestions??


I love this but what about converting this to cupcakes? I bought a mini cupcake pan that is for the vortex. Would you use same temp but less time?

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