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Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork

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What else is there to say?

Here is my Youtube Tutorial to make the Pork Roast. Scroll down for the recipe. Enjoy!

Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork

Recipe by Lana Horruitiner Perez

  • 2 lbs boneless, skin on, Pork Shoulder (Also know as Pork Butt or Boston Butt. If you can’t find one that is boneless, just find one that is about a 1/2 lb larger and de-bone it yourself.)
  • 1-2 tsp Kosher Salt
  • 1 Tbl total of Adobo You can find this online or in the Latin section of most markets. You can substitute by making your own mix by combining 1 Tbl Garlic Powder, Salt, Cumin, and 1 tsp Pepper then use 1 Tbl of this mix.)

Equipment: Rotisserie Spit and Forks, kitchen twine

**You can sprinkle the Pork Shoulder with 1 Tbl of Salt and 1 Tbl Adobo and wrap in plastic wrap. Place in the fridge overnight. However, if you a pressed for time you can skip this step.**

Place the Pork Shoulder on a carving board. 20190716_170414

Shape the Pork into a long round cylinder shape with the skin on the outside. Use 5-7 pieces of twine to tie up the Pork so it stays in the cylinder shape. Use one longer piece of twine to wrap and tie the Pork long ways.

Try and tie the pork so it is an even shape as possible.

The easiest way to insert the Spit through the Pork is to attach on Fork on to one end of the Spit before pushing the rod through the Pork. If you have skin on the end of the Pork, use a knife to cut through the skin before inserting the Spit because the skin is way too tough for the Spit to go through. Stand the Pork on it’s end and push the Pork onto the Forks. This makes it easier to put the Fork on the other end.


If there are any parts of the Pork that are sticking out, use another piece of twine to tie it. Cut the ends of any twine that is sticking out more than an inch.

If you did not marinade the Pork with the salt and Adobo previously, sprinkle 1 tsp Salt and 1 Tbl Adobo over the entire Pork.20180410_170726.jpg

Place the Drip Pan on the bottom of the Vortex Plus. Close the door of the Vortex Plus and press “Roast”. Set the temperature to “350 degrees” and 50 mins. Then press “START”.

Once the Vortex beeps and displays “ADD FOOD”, use the Rotisserie Lift to place the Pork into the Vortex. The Spit should be on the side rails and pushed back as far as it will go.  Depress the Red Tab on the frame to disengage the Rotisserie knob inside the oven. Push the Spit farther back and release the Red Tab. This will engage the knob on the inside of the oven and connect with the Spit.

Close the door of the Vortex Plus and this will automatically start the cooking process. If the spit does not start turning, press the “ROTATE” button. 20190716_17284420190716_172859

Start checking for doneness with a thermometer at about 45 mins. depending on the size of your Pork.

When the Pork is done, use the Rotisserie Lift to remove the Pork and place it on a cutting board. 20190716_183244

Remove the Spit and cut off all of the twine.

Place the Pork on a piece of foil (skin side up) on one of the cooking trays. Wrap the Pork leaving an opening over the skin.20190716_191118

Place it on the middle position in the Vortex Plus and  press “BROIL” and cook for 4-6 mins just to crisp the skin.20190716_192127

All to rest for 10 mins then carve.

Buen Provecho!20190716_192411



7 thoughts on “Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork”

  1. I just got the Vortex plus and discovered your great videos while searching for recipes on line. Thank you for your very informative and thorough videos. You got some great looking recipes out fast and it’s a pleasure watching and learning from what your cooking experiences with the new vortex plus air fryer have been! Thank you again!
    Julie 😊

    1. Oh wow Julie, thank you so much! I’m super humbled and grateful for your kind words. Have fun using your new Vortex and key me know what you thunk of it.

  2. I am seriously thinking about purchasing the Vortex. I came across your You Tube videos and have learned so much about using the air fryer. Thank you.

    1. Oh wow thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad they were helpful. If you are on Facebook you should join Instant Pot Vortex Plus Group. Lots of good ideas and great people.

    1. Hi there my Miami Amiga! The only difference between Air Fry mode and Roast is that Roast the rotisserie automatically starts turning, but in Air fry you have to push the rotate button. The default temps and times are diffetent but they both have the same range. So it really doesn’t matter with the Vortex Plus.

    2. Actually air fry and roast are exactly the same. The only difference is on roast, it roasts automatically and on air fry you have to push the button. Check out my article on how to choose the right mode. They are just presets not really different.

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