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I just got the Vortex plus and discovered your great videos while searching for recipes on line. Thank you for your very informative and thorough videos. You got some great looking recipes out fast and it’s a pleasure watching and learning from what your cooking experiences with the new vortex plus air fryer have been! Thank you again!
Julie 😊


I am seriously thinking about purchasing the Vortex. I came across your You Tube videos and have learned so much about using the air fryer. Thank you.


Can you airfry the the pork instead of roast ? Your friend in Miami 😉

elysia juday

Can i do a 4lbs pork butt?


Have you made this in the Omni? I just got an Omni Plus and am excited to try the rotisserie feature.

[…] Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork […]

[…] Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork […]

[…] Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork […]

[…] Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork […]


Love, love, love this site. Thank you so much!


Just received my Vortex Plus and someone suggested your blog/channel for recipes. I am beyond thrilled that you include Cuban recipes!!! I lived in Florida for 13 years and moved away 3 years ago. I miss my Cuban food so much and fill up my cooler to bring some back home when I go to visit. I can't wait to try all of these recipes. Thank you.

[…] Vortex Plus Rotisserie Cuban Pork by Lana Under Pressure […]

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