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Vortex Plus Perfect Onion Rings

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If I have a choice between onion rings and fries, I would choose onion rings every day of the week and twice on Sunday. There is nothing like an onion ring with a crispy, crunchy outside and a sweet soft onion inside. I figured out a trick to cook them evenly without flipping and without using any oil………Rotisserie Spit!


Perfect Air Fried Onion Rings

Recipe by Lana Horruitiner-Perez

  • Your Favorite Pre-packaged Frozen Onion Rings (I really like the Red Robin Frozen Onion Rings)


Undo the Forks at the end of your Vortex Rotisserie Spit.20190705_101219

Make sure only the drip tray is on the bottom of your Vortex Plus. Close the door and press “AIR FRY” and adjust it to 375 degrees and 12 minutes. Press “START”.

While it is Pre-heating, place whatever brand of frozen Onion Rings onto the spit. onion ring bag


When the Vortex Plus beeps and displays “ADD FOOD”, use the Rotisserie Handle to insert the Onion Rings on the Spit and close the door. The Vortex Plus will start cooking. (You do not want the spit to Rotate. If it is rotating, press the “ROTATE” button to stop it.)

When done, remove and enjoy. Buen Provecho!20190720_13261220190720_132642

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You are a genius! Thank you!


Was wondering how, thanks


Alright you are now my go-to person on the Vortex, you really are genius!


Tried this tonight. Delicious!