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Vortex Plus: How to Choose the Right Cooking Mode

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You finally have your new Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer and you are all set to make your first meal. Maybe it’s a frozen pizza? Or a pineapple upside down cake? Or some nice fresh green beans? The real question you ask yourself is….


Vortex mode

Don’t panic! We have all been there and I promise the answer is easier than you think.

I thought the same thing when I first started using the Vortex Plus and it drove me nuts trying to figure out which mode to use and how each mode is different from the next. Does the fan run slower when it’s on “BAKE” vs “AIR FRY”? Does the “BROIL” mode heat up quicker? Why doesn’t the manual tell me?

My math brain doesn’t like unknowns, so I decided to contact Instant Pot customer service through email and ask them. First, I have to say they were super nice and helpful and though it took me a few times because I just couldn’t get it, they were happy to keep trying until I finally understood. Now I get it, and I’m going to pass along my wisdom to you. And here it is…..

There is no difference between the modes!

That’s right. The fan runs at the same speed and the heating element heats up exactly the same regardless of what mode you use. So why have different modes? Well, just like the Instant Pot, the Vortex has Smart Programs which are pre-programmed settings, to help you easily and quickly set the oven to the temperature and time that they consider to be the typical setting for each function. instant vortex plus modes

That means if you cook on “AIR FRY” mode at 350 degree for 10 mins, that is EXACTLY THE SAME as cooking on “BAKE” mode at 350 degrees for 10 mins.

Here are the pre-set/default time and temperatures for each function.

  • Air Fry:       18 mins 400 degrees F
  • Roast:          40 mins 380 degrees F
  • Bake:           30 mins 365 degrees F
  • Broil:           8   mins 400 degrees F
  • Reheat:       10 mins 280 degrees F
  • Dehydrate: 7 hours 120 degrees F

That said, there are a few differences between them you should know.

Let’s first look at the 3 functions you will probably use the most.

Air Fry



All three have the same time and temperature ranges,

180 – 400 degrees F and 1 – 60 mins

The difference between them (other than the default times they go to when you press the button) is the default setting for “ROTATE” when it comes to using the rotisserie spit/basket. 20190716_172844

  • Air Fry:   You have the option to “ROTATE”, but it won’t start turning automatically. You have to push the “ROTATE” button.
  • Roast:       It will automatically start rotating the rotisserie knob. You have to press “ROTATE” to stop it.
  • Bake:        The “ROTATE” button will not work in this mode.

As for the other modes, here is the low down on Reheat, Dehydrate, and Broil.

  • Reheat: The time and temperature range is 120 – 360 degrees F and 1 – 60 mins.

This is a really great option for keeping food warm as well. Just make sure to place the food on the lower position and place an empty baking tray above it to keep it from browning.

  • Dehydrate: The time and temperature range is 105 – 160 degrees F and 1 – 15 hrs.

Take note that Dehydrate time is in hours not minutes. You cannot cook for less than an hour unless you monitor the time yourself and just remove the food early. 

  • Broil: This does not have a temperature range. The default temperature is 400 degrees F and cannot be changed.  The time range is 1 – 20 mins. 

Buen Provecho and happy Vortexing from me and Daisy Mae!20190813_211635


16 thoughts on “Vortex Plus: How to Choose the Right Cooking Mode”

  1. This was the most amazing informative post on “All things” about the Vortex settings…Lana I am just floored at your concise outgoing professional yet inviting way you do everything…I don’t think I’ve ever like a channel more & I’m subscribed to hundreds and enjoy MANY…I didn’t even get my morning coffee once I saw the email telling me about what the settings mean and how they are all the same and your wisdom having figured that out…etc ! Thank you thank you thank you…this will be such a fear breaker for all who have the Vortex but haven’t ventured into the actual “Hands On” and for oh so many who have fear because they feel they won’t be able to manage the know how of the different settings and functions of each… Seriously…this is wonderful. (love photo of your dog…) Enjoy all you do…it’s a win win for all things Vortex… I may have to write IPot…even call… 🙂 !!

    1. Good morning my friend! You are too sweet. You know the funny thing is I used to hate cooking. My husband was the cook of the family and I just found it tedious and complicated. If I had been given the Vortex 3 years ago I probably would have been overwhelmed and thrown it away, lol. But I realized if I just went at it more as a fun hobby rather than something I had to do to feed the family, and used my mathematical side to figure things out, it actually became a stress reliever. I’m so glad my videos and blog help. Thank you once again for your kind words. have a blessed and beautiful day!

      1. It’s nice to hear how this has become a passion & it’s easy to tell you enjoy! Something very drawing in what you’re doing…it’s like being a Tour Director was my passion & I guess I was made for it…. 🙂 (‘course that was a time ago…ha ha)…Best !

  2. Thank you so much for cracking the code! You are amazing and I so enjoy watching you cook! Excited to try to make some little pastelitos for my family. Thank you for inspiring us and breaking everything down into simple steps. What are some of your upcoming recipes going to be? Can you share? I’m trying to be good and not eat as much gluten for medical reasons, can you share any of your fabulous recipes and tweak them to be GF? Especially desserts. Thanks for all your hard work, we sure do enjoy you!

    1. Awe thank you so much. I think doing GF recipes would be great. I’ll work on it. This week I will be adding a few more recipes. Have you ever heard of America’s Test Kitchen? They have a great GF cookbook.

  3. Thanks for your post! I will print this out and post in in my kitchen on the wall with other Instant Pot cheat sheets I found on the IP Community!

  4. Thank you for your wonderful explanation. Thanks also for making it printable, so I can have your advice at hand and can read it all again whenever I need to refer to it. Much appreciated!.

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