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Vortex Plus Zombie Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My absolute favorite holiday is Halloween and in the Perez house we go all out, including when it comes to cooking and decorating treats. One of my favorite treats are Chocolate Chip Cookies decorated as Zombies. Of course it’s no surprise that The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows, so I prefer the gory to the cute when it comes to zombies. These cookies are the perfect mixture of cute and creepy.


Vortex Plus Zombie Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe by Lana Horruitiner-Perez 


  • toothpicks
  • small paintbrush


Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies according to my recipe in the Vortex or use whatever your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe you like. (Don’t use a recipe that makes very flat or thin cookies.)

While the Cookies are baking, decorate the back side of the Candy Eyes and/or Candy Pearls. Use the Wilton Black Food Writer Pen and draw…

  • various size dots
  • X’s
  • lines that look like alien eyes
  • elongated ovals to look like reptile eyesIMG_20190906_131729

Once you take the Chocolate Chip Cookies out of the Vortex Oven, place the tray on a cooling rack. While the cookies are hot, place the eyes on the cookies. They do not have to be even. Use a toothpick to push them down into the hot cookie. IMG_20190906_132119

Using a toothpick, create a mouth by making a divot in the cookie. IMG_20190906_132213

Allow the Cookies to finish cooling for 10 mins.

Once the Cookies are cooled, use a paint brush to decorate the Cookies around the eyes and mouth. Use all three color and you can even mix the colors. Get creative. (Don’t load the brush with too much Food Gel. try to use a dry brush technique.) 20190906_133831


Allow the Gel to dry and serve. Buen Provecho!



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Gary Kaetzel

I miss so much by mainly watching the videos and need to visit this site more often! I will do my best on these and give them to my mom! She may think they’re really out there, but I’ll try to not be too “Dawn of the Dead” with them! Thanks for the idea! I’ve seen the eyes and stuff at my local grocery store!