instant omni manual
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Elizabeth M See

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!


Does it air fry like a solo air fryer?

Jean Sagarese

is it still 4 lbs for the rotisserie?

Kay Branchcomb

Good video!! Enjoyed it very much.

Amber De

Great video! This is the first video I’ve watched of yours, so I apologize if I sound like a dummy! Do you do cooking videos? I just bought an Omni and excited to get started cooking with it!

Werra Watson

Lana, thank you for the video. I just got mine today. Do you know if you could cook a whole turkey in it (Not on the rotisserie) and what size? If so how would you go about it- would you put it on the Solid tray in the bottom rack and still set it to “Air Fry”.

Kathy Freist

My Omni Instant did not come with a book, so I’ve had a tough time trying to use it. I called the number listed and I get a short message and then a goodbye and they hang up. Is there a book that can help me with times and temps for using my Omni. My e-mail is . Thank you for any help I can get. Kathy.

Lois A. Starr

My Omni Plus 9-1 did not come with an instruction book either. Where can I get one? I think it’s awful that the manufacture does not include one considering what you pay for these air fryers. Thank you for your help and all of your instructional videos.


I kNow you said the vortex is easier to clean up then the Omni….is the Omni and Omni plus equally “difficult” to clean?


is the interior coating nonstick for Omni and Omni Plus? Is the airfryer basket stainless steel or Aluminim?

Vickie Dowdy

Can you use parsment paper in the Instant Omni?

Vickie Dowdy

Thank you!

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