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N West

Is this the BEST or what….I’ve always always wanted to learn how to make this since I first tried it in a restaurant before going to a BroadWay Play with my sister as a B’day present…why I haven’t looked into it..I don’t know..but timing is perfect….as are each and Every thing you post… Thank you so much Lana…. and so nice to see you here again…friend 🙂 !! ~cheers~ Smile Big… 🙂

N West

Lana…You’re in NY? oh my goodness…I would have come out to Vincent’s Clam Bar with my cousins & had you come as our guest(you, hubby..family..) Cousin has place out in South Hampton she goes to every weekend and LOVES going to new places..and to think you are within a few hrs driving..wow! but…I’m packing as fast as ever as I’m due to move to MN to be near brother, wife his two girls and one has little girl 6 yrs old… Well…I’m smiling at the warmth of feeling you were near by….even if just for this moment… It felt like… Read more »

N West

HI again…just a little clarification… I didn’t get to go to lots of restaurants…those I went to usually someone I worked with at New York Magazine at the time knew of restaurant and owner & took me along….I was young young gal right out of college…first job…I was really a secretary for three men in advertising but as it turned out..two others working at the magazine knew my father(who worked at TIME LIFE Mag)and one was his secretary..so small small world…so I didn’t go out much to restaurants…more like on place we all went to every day…we all knew each… Read more »

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