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Recommended Accessories for Instant Vortex, Omni, Omni Plus, and other Air Fryers

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What I love about the Instant Air Fry Toaster Ovens is that they come with everything you need to start cooking. But as I used them more and more I found myself looking for different accessories to enhance the cooking experience. Soon I became obsessed trying to find and acquire different accessories that fit just right in my air fryers. Some worked. Some didn’t. And some just made me giddy with how good they made the food turn out or how easy they made cooking and/or cleaning.

So, I decided to create a list of my favorite accessories that I have found. None of these companies sponsor me and every one of the accessories I have purchased and tried myself just through looking and trail and error.

**That said, the links I use are affiliate links. This means, if you use the link I provide to purchase the accessory, I get a very small percentage (it is the same price whether you use the link or not). However, this does not affect whether or not I suggest an accessory. This just helps me continue to buy and test accessories so you don’t have to!**

1. Must Haves for All Air Fryers!

The BEST Olive Oil Mister

This is the only oil mister I have used that actually sprays out a fine mist, almost equivalent to an aerosol sprayer. When you press down quickly and with force it mists out the oil. If you want a stream of oil, just press slower.

Air Fryer Rack with 4 Skewers

This rack is so cute. You can flip it over to have a baking rack that lifts food up higher allowing for air flow all around. And then it has the skewers that also allow for air flow so you don’t have to flip them.

Meater+ Wireless Thermometer

I used this thermometer on so much more than just cooking in the air fryer. However, because it has no cord it is perfect for the Air Fryer Ovens (not the basket style). There is a regular option, but I found that the Plus has much better connectivity. However, the Meater+ comes in bundles of 1, 2, or 4. It connects through an app on your phone and it shows you the internal temp, ambient temp, and gives you an alarm when your food is almost done. Below is a screenshot of the app.

Double Layer Air Fryer Rack with Skewers for All Air Fryers

This air fryer rack fits basket style air fryers and the Instant Vortex Plus. It’s the perfect way to make kebabs, but also you can flip it over and use it as a higher level rack that allows you to cook multiple layers of food.

2. Instant Vortex Plus Accessories

Instant Vortex Plus 7 -in – 1 Air Fryer Oven

Click here to watch my  Review and Guide.

Instant Vortex Pro 9 – 1 Air Fryer Oven

This is a new model that has a proof and reheat button.

Silicone Mat

This mat fits perfectly over the open door. It works great when sliding the trays in and out, to keep drips and messes from getting all over the door.

8×8 Calphalon Baking Dish

I use the darker pan, but they no longer make that one. I have this in the 9×3 size and I really like it. This fits perfectly in the Vortex Plus if you flip the baking trays upside down.

Air Fryer Rack with 4 Skewers

This rack is so cute. You can flip it over to have a baking rack that lifts food up higher allowing for air flow all around. And then it has the skewers that also allow for air flow so you don’t have to flip them.

Baking Tray and Rack Combo that Fits the Vortex Plus/Pro

3. Omni/Omni Plus Accessories

Kebab Cage with 10 Skewers

I LOVE this accessory! It uses the spit rod and screws that comes with the Omni/Omni Plus so it fits perfectly and it makes the best kebabs ever.

Rotisserie Basket for Omni/Omni Plus

Want the Omni but sad it doesn’t have a basket like the Vortex Plus? No worries. This basket uses the rotisserie spit that comes with the Omni/Omni Plus. It is smaller than the Vortex Plus basket, but it gets the job done.

Baking Tray for Omni/Omni Plus

Stackable Air Fryer Basket and Tray

stack air fry basket

You probably think, why do I need another basket when the Omni comes with one? Well, if you carefully fold the handles in a bit, you can sit the air frying basket that comes with the Omni/Omni Plus, right on top and then you have 2 layers of air fry baskets.

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Daniella Venturino

Does instant pot sell the Omni fryer basket and oven rack?

Lisa Nelson

Hi Lana, Husband just bought Omni Plus to replace misfunctioning Vortex Plus. I’ve purchased the rotisserie basket you recommend, but the kebab cage is unavailable and Amazon doesn’t know when/if that product will be restocked. Another person on the IP Vortex page bought the GoWise skewer rotisserie set which does work in the Vortex, but I’m wondering if it would work in the Omni as well, if I use the rod that comes with the Omni. Since you have both air fryer ovens, can you help with answering that question? Is the rod in the Omni much different, design-wise, than… Read more »


The winner be skewer item is unavailable on Amazon and says they don’t know if it will come back. Is there another brand you would recommend with size specifications for the Omni plus skewer?


This is the item I found that is pretty much the same. Most of these come from China and are all manufactured in the same place. Brand names are just attached as a marketing thing. You may see 4 or 5 of the exact same item but with different brand names… But they all are from the same company.


Pat Foster

During a move the forks for the rotisserie of our Omni were lost. I can’t find replacements anywhere! I have contacted the company twice but other than an ‘I get your email’ no response. Anyone know where to purchase these? Thank you! We miss our rotisserie!



Possibly this ?
13.1” may be the package dimensions – it says further down 12.9” tray and 11.9 basket – this might work even if it’s not the one you mentioned.

I’m getting the “older” plain Omni this week (looks simpler) and I’m going crazy anticipating fried goodness. We are also Miami transplants in Upstate New York now and miss the bakeries & restaurants the most of anything.
Thanks for your great ideas.

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