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Lena, that looks amazing. .


I just purchased an Omni Plus and the accessories you mentioned in your YouTube video. I can’t wait to try this!! Thanks Lana


5 stars
I just bought the skewer thingy. What a great idea.


4 stars

4 stars
Looks amazing and so excited to try! Thanks for all of your videos and positive energy! You definitely convinced me to get the Instant Omni Plus 🙂 This basket/skewer combo is sold out on Amazon, with no info as to when it will be back in stock. Do you have any other suggestions or possible substitutions? Or any pull with Instant Pot so they can design it themselves? 🙂 Stay Blessed and Be Well!!!


5 stars

5 stars
Thank you Lana for this recipe and your videos. Your comparison of the Omni and Omni Plus convinced me to get the Omni; as the capabilities of the ovens are similar and the fact that the proof mode can be reproduce using the dehydrate, I decided to save the ~ $75 in the price difference. I did the kebabs today, with pork, and turned out delicious. I will try some of your other recipes soon. Gracias and keep the blog going … it’s great!


They don’t have skewer on Amazon anymore 🙁


The Winnerbe BBQ Steel Metal Roaster Rotisserie Skewers are no longer available. Is there another brand you recommend? It was hard to tell what would work on Amazon. Thank you!


We just bought this on Amazon. Using it for the first time tonight and is working great.
SUPARO BBQ Grill Cage Roaster Rotisserie, Stainless Steel Skewers Needle Cage Kebab Maker Grill with 10 Skewers, Rotating Meat Forks Grill Cage Kit


Will you do an update on what products (Like this kebab thing and baking pan, etc) will fit the new Omni plus 10 in 1? I love your work!

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