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Vortex Plus vs Omni/Omni Plus:Comparison Buyers Guide

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As I am writing this, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and to all those Potheads (as in Instant Pot fans, not the other kind) out there, that means one thing…..BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY SALES! And if you are like me, before I buy even the most simple of gadgets, I spend hours trying to do research and read reviews trying to figure out what brand and what model is best. However, there isn’t much information out there on the either the Vortex Plus or the Omni and Omni Plus in order to compare and make an educated decision. So, since I have both, I decided to make my own guide based on the functions and aspects I like in each, what things I wish they made better, and what points I would take into consideration if I had to choose just one.

So here is my video that compares the Instant Vortex Plus and the Instant Omni/Omni Plus, and hopefully will help you decide which is best for you and your cooking needs!

You can use my affiliate link to buy the Instant Omni Plus on Amazon here:

Instant Omni Plus on Amazon

or click below to buy the Instant Vortex Plus



13 thoughts on “Vortex Plus vs Omni/Omni Plus:Comparison Buyers Guide”

  1. I was wondering if the Omni or Omni Plus run true to temperatures. I had the Cuisinart toaster oven/ air fryer but had to return it because it ran super hot and even when I adjusted temperatures almost everything I made in it burned. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Hi. I have found that it’s pretty on point. I have a Meater+ I use. It’s a wireless thermometer that tells me the internal temp of the food and also the external temperature. It usually is close to what I set it. Mind you it’s going to be hotter towards the heating element but the fan is pretty good at circulating the air and not having too many hot spots.

      1. Thank you! Is it true that with the Omni Plus you can’t bake without using convection? That seems strange to me. Does that mean that anything I cook/bake I would need to adjust my cooking temp and time?

      2. Yes on the bake mode you can’t turn off the fan. However you can adjust it from HI to LO. And I am an avid Baker and I find that having it on low actually basis it faster but doesn’t dry it out.

    2. I just tested this in my new Omni Plus. It is running 10 degrees hotter than the set temp but the temo is maintained evenly. I will simply need to reduce the set temp by 10 degrees. I used to have the cuisinart top of the line oven. It was great for a year then began burning everything and finally threw a code and stopped working.

      1. Hmm, that’s interesting. I have not tried using an oven thermometer to test the temperature. I will say because it works on air flow not every part of the oven will be the exact same temp.But I am interested in testing mine.

  2. I do own both…or will this week! Can I use my Vortex Basket in the Omni PLus…..OR, where did you get yours! I recommend you all the time!!!!!

    1. Hi. How exciting! Sadly you can’t use the Vortex basket in the Omni because it is not long enough to reach. The link thi the one I got in Amazon is in the description section under my YouTube video. When I have a second I will add the link to my blog as well. 😊👍

    2. Awe thank you so much! Sadly, you can’t use the basket in the Omni Plus because it won’t fit. The Omni Plus is much wider. I found the basket on Amazon. I will add a link to it in this blog soon.

  3. Hi! I had decided on getting the Omni over the plus. Didn’t feel the need for presets. Also figured it’s more simple maybe less to go wrong mechanically. However I found the Omni Plus at Kohls for $165 & the Omni at Walmart for $159. They’re basically the same price. What are your thoughts? Which would you go with? Also the Omni Plus from Kohls would be shipped. This time of year probably not handled with a lot of care. Walmart would be store pick up. Sorry, I know I’m over thinking this. Appreciate any input, thank you!
    Also, thank you for the video! It was very helpful. Had no prior knowledge of these products until your video.

    1. Hi. No worries. I would go with Walmsrt and pick it up myself. I don’t like appliances and electronics shipped for exactly the reason you said. Plus if you decide to exchange it, Walmart has a great return/exchange policy. Happy cooking!

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