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I was wondering if the Omni or Omni Plus run true to temperatures. I had the Cuisinart toaster oven/ air fryer but had to return it because it ran super hot and even when I adjusted temperatures almost everything I made in it burned. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


Thank you! Is it true that with the Omni Plus you can’t bake without using convection? That seems strange to me. Does that mean that anything I cook/bake I would need to adjust my cooking temp and time?


I just tested this in my new Omni Plus. It is running 10 degrees hotter than the set temp but the temo is maintained evenly. I will simply need to reduce the set temp by 10 degrees. I used to have the cuisinart top of the line oven. It was great for a year then began burning everything and finally threw a code and stopped working.

Sandi Beach

I do own both…or will this week! Can I use my Vortex Basket in the Omni PLus…..OR, where did you get yours! I recommend you all the time!!!!!


Hi! I had decided on getting the Omni over the plus. Didn’t feel the need for presets. Also figured it’s more simple maybe less to go wrong mechanically. However I found the Omni Plus at Kohls for $165 & the Omni at Walmart for $159. They’re basically the same price. What are your thoughts? Which would you go with? Also the Omni Plus from Kohls would be shipped. This time of year probably not handled with a lot of care. Walmart would be store pick up. Sorry, I know I’m over thinking this. Appreciate any input, thank you! Also, thank… Read more »

Barbara Kirkpatrick

Can you put foil on the grease tray to keep it clean on the Omni Plus?


Hi Lana! i really Loved this comparison guide..I have a small family. It’s just husband and myself! We are looking to get rid of the toaster and step into an all in one type Toaster Oven. I also plan on using the Air Fryer a lot too. We live in NYC. We are lucky to have more counter space than most but not an extravagant amount. I thought about getting the instant pot fryer lid for my Duo Plus 60..but I would still need a toaster oven. One thing not mentioned in your guide is if you can cook a… Read more »


I am worried that the Vortex will be too small? Anyone found couldn’t do what they wanted because of the size? But it does look like it won’t take up a lot of counter space and has a nice look to it


Hi, we are family of 4 plus my parents visit us quite often. I am looking in to getting a toaster oven with airfryer. Space is not an issue for us. I am debating between Omni plus and Cusineart digital convention oven airfryer.

I love watching your videos and every time I look at it I get so tempted to get Omni plus. But I need to do fair comparisons. Can you please suggest your opinion?


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