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Wow, you must be a surgeon (besides the colour of the gloves; just had a throat abscess lanced and I swear those were the same gloves 😂😁😉) Sorry TMI. Having said that I think this is brilliant. Here in Vancouver B.C. I’m fortunate to find under 4 lb organic trussed chickens all the time. AND I am lucky not to have had any issues whatsoever with the Vortex Plus, but to cook larger birds for larger families, this is really the only way to go.


Great stuff on here. Just got my no and going to give this a whirl, but wondering since “roast” uses the bottom heating elements, want to be sure that won’t burn the thighs on bottom or the foil lining the bottom?


Thanks for the quick response!
Interesting, on mine it does. I’ve got the Omni plus, maybe that’s the difference? They do not turn on with “Air Fry”. Should I give it a go with that setting?


Isn’t it dangerous to cover the heating elements on the omni plus? I see that your chicken parts are on the bottom, please clarify if this can be done with the omni plus? During the roast function, they heat up. Thanks


Turned out perfect. Thanks for the pointers!!!


Just finished my first rotisserie chicken in my OMNI. It came out beautiful!


This stripped my rotisserie and now the whole thing is useless

olga munoz

Can you please make video how to use rotisserie lift in omni plus, Thank you


Lana, how do you clean your omni after it gets splatters from the chicken? I tried oven cleaner and it didn’t do much on the sides.


Thank you for the magic eraser tip I will try that out.


My answer to the 4 lb chicken is: switch to a lesser weight Cornish game hen. You can two of these on the spit. They are delicious; great for serving two people.


Great video. I am thinking about getting one of these, but cannot understand the 4lb thing. Is it a space issue of the unit or the motor cannot handle an extra lb? I normally do 5 lb one in similar dimension cheapo toaster oven.

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