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How to Convert Recipes for the Instant Air Fryer Ovens

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You finally got your Instant Air Fryer Oven. You figured out where to place it and you’ve read the manual (ok, truth be told, only some of you read the manual, am I right?) and you are ready to cook your first meal. Now what? Maybe you made the easy things like toast or bacon (definitely make bacon…it’s amazing int he Instant Air Frying Ovens!) but now you probably want to try your hand at something a little more substantial. At some point you are going to want to use your Omni or Vortex Plus to make one of your recipes that you typically make in your conventional oven. I mean that is the best thing about them is being able to cook your typical oven recipes faster and without heating up the whole house. But where do you start?

My blog is all about converting my family’s recipes to the Instant Pot and the Instant Air Fryer Ovens. In the video below I show you detailed instructions and some tips and tricks I use to do just that. I go over:

  • How to convert any time and temperature to the Instant Omni/Omni Plus/Vortex Plus.
  • How to figure out where to place your food.
  • How to choose the best mode for your recipe.
  • Tips to get your recipe to turn out just right.

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6 thoughts on “How to Convert Recipes for the Instant Air Fryer Ovens”

  1. Hi Lana, Can you explain to me when the broil coil on the top of the Omni Plus actually works? I have tried all the settings and have yet to see the coil fire up. Thank you.

    1. The top coil I believe comes on during all the modes that use the fan (so all but Toast). It does not turn color so you can’t really tell by looking. Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. It just seems counter intuitive to not glow. Looking at the same sort of thing on an electric stove top you would see it glow even at its lower setting. I will have to look at my ovens broiler and see if it glows when in use. I don’t know why this is driving me crazy, but it is. Thanks for replying.

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