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I have a 2.5 pound rib roast, after removing the bones. Would I airfry/roast it for the same length of time?


I don’t understand…in the do’nt & don’ts video you emphasized that nothing more than 4# is ever supposed to be cooked on the skewer of in basket, yet the prime rib roast was listed as between 5-6#?


That’s one big disadvantage of these air dryers.
You cannot cook larger roasts or beasts.
Expensive french fry maker.

Nancy S

Just ordered rotisserie, can you give brief instructions for roasting prime rib?thanks,!!


Works for me when cooking for one. Which is why I bought it.


5 stars
What about the jus? That’s my favorite part of prime rib. Could you just use beef broth?


Oh I hope you can keep the drippings. Please tell me you can.


Just found this for prime rib. Seems to be a well thought out why to seat and cook.

I am not Jewish. Will I still be able to cook this recipe? Not sure what religion has to do with cooking.

Virginia williams

Is this the time n temps I would roast a Boston butt pork roast in the Omni? Also, what is th max weight for Omni rotesseri? Lana, you are the greatest, I’m always using your information n recipes. You do a great service for those of us who aren’t prone to experimenting.

Tessa Hutchison

5 stars
This was really good! My cut was just under 4 lbs and I used my vortex pro. Salt, pepper, and added a little Susie Q’s. Make sure the spit has the weight well-balanced! I cooked it 400 @20min then 255 @45 minutes. DELICIOUS. Although next time I think I’ll cook a little longer/higher as I’d like it a little less rare. But very happy with results regardless 🙂


I can’t figure out how to set the temp to 250. Please help me for next time.


The lowest the Omni Plus will allow you to set the temperature in this mode is 320° and you also can’t set the time on the Plus below 20 minutes. Trying to use these smart programs is infuriating and there’s absolutely nowhere to find info about them anywhere for any actual recipes. We’ve had to find a work around for everything we’ve done because we can’t adjust the programs to match any recipe.

Paul DAvey

5 stars
Very Pleased with the outcome. Pretty much followed it as written. One thing that made a difference was the quality of the meat. I’ve used cut rate rib roasts, but bought this one from a higher quality source. Even though they are both rated as choice, it was a clear difference.


Can you keep the Bone in using rotisserie?


5 stars
Have omni plus was unable to adjust to 250 left it at 280. Just checked the temp of roast. It was so moist and had great flavour !

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