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Thank You for this guide! It made our decision to buy the Omni Plus easier! I own a Wolfgang Puck Pressure oven, aPower Air Fryer Oven Elite and the Nuwave Bravo! That Nuwave thing is a right PITA! I can’t get it turned on correctly most of the time without getting the crappy book out!Hubby was tired of listening to me fuss& fume!


Do you know of where i can get another oven rack And air fryer basket that will fit?

Judy F Asher

How can you bypass the preprogrammed functions on the Instant Omni Plus.


How do you know how long to cook a chuck roast in slow cook?

Sandi Beach

I see Instant Brands is to start selling spare racks etc….soon I read!


What type of cook/bake ware can be used in the Omni

Karen Morgan

I am confused about the preheat on the Omni – I don't understand how the preheat time is determined, and also once the cooking starts the Omni will not allow me to program less then 5 minutes. And, when I stop the Omni after a 4-minute time, per recipe, it goes back to preheat mode – I am not sure how much time I am actually cooking the food. Plus it seems a bit inconvenient and/or necessary to preheat in between turning the food. What am I missing?

Karen Morgan

Will the reheat mode allow me to set the time and temp. to what I want?

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