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Instant Omni Beginner’s Guide and Tutorial

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Instant Omni Beginner’s Guide and Tutorial

I love my Instant Omni 26 L Toaster Air Fryer 7 in 1 Oven, even though I have no idea what the actual name is so I just all it the Instant Omni. However, if you have one you probably have noticed that with all the functions and great modes and bells and whistles, one of the whistles it lacks is a detailed instruction manual. They do have the online manual which you can find here:

Instant Omni Full Online Manual

But even that manual lacks a lot of clarity when it comes to questions like..

  • When do I use the black tray?
  • How do I keep the food from dripping everywhere?
  • When do the bottom heating elements turn on?

So, here is my answer to keep you from throwing this awesome oven out the window. I promise, once you understand how it works after watching this video, you are going to love how fast, easy, and perfectly cooked your food comes out!

Scroll down to find a link to the accessories I mentioned in the video. You can also find them in the description under the video as well.


Basket for Omni:

Baking Sheets that fit the Omni:

To buy the Omni Vortex Plus from my affiliate link click here

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Thank You for this guide! It made our decision to buy the Omni Plus easier! I own a Wolfgang Puck Pressure oven, aPower Air Fryer Oven Elite and the Nuwave Bravo! That Nuwave thing is a right PITA! I can’t get it turned on correctly most of the time without getting the crappy book out!Hubby was tired of listening to me fuss& fume!


Do you know of where i can get another oven rack And air fryer basket that will fit?