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Do the steaks need to be thawed?


5 stars

5 stars
Thank you for this easy and delicious recipe! Curious how long it takes your IP to come to temperature and begin countdown? I have the Duo Crisp 8qt and use the hottest tap water possible, then set it for 1.5 hrs at 130 degrees. It used to heat up in 20 minutes but now it’s at least double that. I’ve tried adding the steak at the start of the preheat as well as after it reaches temperature but it still takes much longer to preheat than it used to.

Werra Watson

Lana can we use a Top Sirloin for this?


How do you keep the steaks submerged so the water can circulate and so they don’t touch the sides? I want to try this but not sure how. What makes the water circulate? I have the instant pot viva.


What happens if it touches the sides or each other?

[…] perfect European café steak-frites to your repertoire? Learn to sous vide a steak– Lana at Lana Under Pressure is a great teacher. I do not typically make fried foods at home, so I also challenged myself to […]

Barbara Shimoura

I freeze my steaks in quart ziplock bags can those be used for this method? does it have to be a gallon bag for sous vide?


I am trying this tonight I bought a couple of really nice Rib Eyes 1 1/2″ thick. I hope they come out as nicely as yours did.


If you put steaks in the same bag do you need to cook them longer because they will be thicker? or if you put them in separate bags do you need to make sure that water can get into the space between them? Thanks for your help. Otherwise a clear and good article. Thanks for sharing

B Richards

What is 1 1/1 hrs? this is what you say you cook your steak for..

Bridget Richards

I’ve never heard of 1 1/1.. 1 1/2 yes meaning one hour and a half. What is the time measurement for 1 1/1?

Bridget Richards

Great thanks!!

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