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Instant Pot Air Fryer Crisp Lid vs Mealthy Air Fryer Lid : Review and Side by Side Comparison

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There is no denying that I love the Instant brand air fryer toaster ovens. The Omni/Omni Plus/Vortex Plus. I use one or all of them just about everyday. They all have a place of honor on my counter which for me is a big deal since one thing I detest is a cluttered kitchen. So if an appliance is front and center in my house, you know it’s loved.

That said, I recognize that not everyone has the space for an air fryer oven and even though many people love the Instant basket style air fryer, I have a healthy skepticism of basket air fryers based on experience. So when Instant Pot came out with their air fryer lids, I had my reservations but decided that if this was anything like their other products, it was worth a shot and I jumped online to get one and try it out. But as I was searching, I’m ashamed to admit that my eye began to wander and my Instant Pot loyalty was tested. The Mealthy Crisp Lid lead me astray. It just had too many features that were appealing to me…smaller size, ability to fit on any Instant Pot model, and that see thru lid! Seriously! I just kept coming back to it over and over online. I even watched videos and read reviews, trying to find a reason not to buy it. But then I realized, why not do a comparison? So that’s what I did and you just might find the results a bit…..scandalous. 

**Make sure to read the entire manual on whichever one you buy. This is a comparison of the basic functions. It’s imperative to read the safety manual before cooking.**

Watch this video for more detailed information….

Air Fryer Lid Comparison and Review: Instant Pot vs Mealthy 

These are the 2 Air Fryer Lids I purchased and compared. And when I say “I purchased” them, I mean just that, I used my own money. I am not sponsored by either company and so this review is completely unbiased and 100% my honest feedback. 

Mealthy CrispLid vs Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid


Mealthy CrispLidInstant Pot Air Fryer Lid
Round Shallow Air Fryer BasketDeep Non-Stick 2 Layer Basket
3″ High TrivetBasket Clip-on Base
Small TongsBroiler/Dehydrating Tray for Second Layer
Silicon Resting PadProtective Pad
Instruction Manual and Recipe BookInstruction and Safety Manual

Time and Temperature Settings

Mealthy CrispLidInstant Pot Air Fryer Lid
Temperature Range: 300°F – 500°F or
113°F – 155°F
105°F – 400°F
(each Mode has different ranges)
Temperature Increments:Upper Temps go by 25°F
Lower Temps go by 10°F (except 113°F)
5 °F
Time Range: 1 – 60 min (300°F – 425°F)
1 – 20 min (450°F – 500°F)
1 hr – 24 hrs (113°F – 155°F)
1 – 45 min (AirFry & Roast)
1 – 20 min (Broil)
1 – 60 min (Bake & Reheat)
1 – 72 hrs (Dehydrate)
Time Increments:1 min (300°F – 500°F)
10 min (113°F – 155°F)
1 min
5 mins in Dehydrate mode
Countdown:Counts by SecondsCounts by Minutes until it gets down t the last minute, then counts by seconds

Important Comparisons between Mealthy and Instant Pot

Mealthy CrispLidInstant Pot Air Fryer Lid
4 3/4 inches tall6 inches tall
3 lbs6 lbs
Can use on any model Instant Pot from 6 Qt to 8 QtCan only use on certain Instant Pot models
*Make sure to check online that your IP is compatible*
See-thru LidNo See-thru Lid
No Preheat/Cool Down ModePreheat and Cool Down Mode
Turn On and Off Sound
(Hold the Pause Button for 3 sec)
Turn On and Off Sound
(Hold + over Time for 3 sec)
Standard CordSafety Plug to stop you from plugging in Instant Pot.
Simple 6 Button configurationSmart Program Buttons
All Stainless SteelBasket & parts of Lid have Non-Stick Coating
Does not alert you to turn foodDisplays “TURN FOOD” 1/2 way through cooking

Important Safety Information

Even though I am going to have a separate post for more detailed information on how to use each of the Air Fryer Lids, I wanted to add some important safety tips. That said, whichever lid you choose make sure to read the safety manual before cooking.

  • When using either air fryer lid, only use the Stainless Steel liner/insert pot that comes with the Instant Pot. DO NOT use a ceramic pot!
  • NEVER use any air fryer lid while the Instant Pot is plugged in. You have to unplug the Instant Pot/Electric Pressure Cooker whenever using an air fryer lid.
  • Always place the lid on the Protective Resting Pad that comes with it. NEVER place hot lid directly on the counter.
  • DO NOT use the air fryer lid on an Instant Pot if it doesn’t fit correctly. The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid does not fit all models of Instant Pots, so make sure you have a model that is compatible.
  • DO NOT use parchment paper or non-oven safe materials when cooking with the Air Fryer Lid.
  • DO NOT store the Air Fryer Lid on an Instant Pot when not in use.
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thanx for the info. i would have picked the instapot lid. now my pick is the mealthy.


Question: Do I really need the Crisp lid if I have an Air Fryer oven?

Faye Hernandez

I have a pressure cooker it does not have the liner that I see it has a ceramic interior wealthiest also work with that or will it damage it


thank you for the information.

Jan R

This was so helpful. I’ve been trying to decide between the two and I loved how you compared every aspect. Thank you and you are also a pleasure to watch!


Thanks for a very informative and helpful review of them. Thanks for stating that you were reviewing the Mealthy on the IP Max.

Here’s hoping that the lids like the Mealthy come out with a design that shows what the temperature is throughout the process and also adds a setting to where one doesn’t have to push the start button after flipping over food items.