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Mealthy Multipot 2.0 vs Instant Pot

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Comparison of Mealthy Multipot 2.0 vs Instant Pot

Y’all know how much I love the Instant Pot brand. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread and the Roomba. I have 4 Instant pot Electric Pressure Cookers, 1 Instant Air Fryer Lid, and 3 Instant Toaster Air Fryer Ovens. My adoration and loyalty for their company and their appliances runs deep. On occasion other companies have reached out to me to try their products and typically I ignore them because I am happy with what I have. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

That is until my friend Gayle from the awesome Facebook group Instant Pot for Beginners 101 (which if you haven’t joined it, you really should if you have or are thinking of getting an electric pressure cooker) told me I should look into the Mealthy brand products. I started out just comparing their air fryer lid with the Instant Pot air fryer lid (which you can find that here) and I was super impressed with it’s performance. After I did that comparison and review, the Mealthy company reached out and asked if I would do a review on their Mealthy 2.0 Mutlipot Electric Pressure Cooker. Now I mention this because it’s important that I tell my readers that the company did send me a free Mealthy 2.0 Multipot. That said, this does not affect my review in any way and I was very upfront with the company that I would be doing an unbiased review regardless of them sending me a free multicooker , and it’s important for me to say, I am not sponsored by them in any way.

So, let’s jump into the review. Here is my video review that goes into a detailed comparison of the accessories, the display, and the especially the slow cooker function which is where the 2 electric pressure cookers really differ.

Mealthy 2.0 Multipot vs Instant Pot

Comparison #1: Displays

Both the Instant Pot and the Mealthy have digital displays and preset functions (Instant Pot calls them Smart Programs). Depending on which Instant Pot model you buy, will dictate which presets you will have access too. That said, the presets or Smart Programs are just quick settings that set a specific time and pressure level. I personally don’t use the preset buttons when cooking, except for Yogurt and Sous Vide (when available). Preset buttons are just a general guide based on what the company believes the average cook time for a specific food is. However, the appliance doesn’t know if you are cooking from frozen or what the weight or quantity of the food is. For example, if you cook using the “Poultry” button in either the Mealthy or Instant Pot, neither can distinguish between cooking a frozen whole chicken or fresh chicken thighs. For this reason, the majority of the time I set my own time and pressure level.

Another feature I like on the Mealthy 2.0 display is what they call the Progress Indicator. It shows you how far along you are in the cooking process (Preheat/Cook/Warm). Certain Instant Pot models, like the Duo Evo Plus and the Max, have something similar and I really like it because it takes some of the guessing out of the cooking time.

So which display do I prefer? It’s a TIE!

Comparison #2: Accessories

Different models of Instant Pots come with different accessories, so it is hard to make a straight comparison. That said, Mealthy has really taken into account what people have said and the things they need when they came out with their 2.0 Multipot as far as accessories, and it’s great. Here is a comparison list of the basic accessories that come with the Mealthy 2.0 and the basic Instant Pot Duo.

Mealthy 2.0 MultipotInstant Pot Duo
Tall TrivetStandard Trivet
Measuring CupRice Measuring Cup
Rice PaddleRice Paddle
Steamer Basket
2 Oven Mitts
Spare Silicon Ring

So which group of accessories do I prefer?….Mealthy!

Comparison #3: Manuals

If you have an Instant brand of anything you know the manual is not it’s strong suit. They do have a more detailed manual online, which you can find here, but even that one leaves a lot of unanswered questions. On the other hand, Mealthy took advantage of that and created a really detailed (and funny) manual, recipe book, quick start guide, and a chart that gives you conversions for different altitudes and food cooking times. It even explains which pressure release to choose for different foods and whether you should increase the time if using frozen vs fresh.

So which manual do I prefer?….Instant Pot (because if they had a detailed manual you wouldn’t need to watch my videos!)

Comparison #4: Slow Cooker Function

This is something I was eager to test, because from experience I can tell you that even though the Instant Pot claims to be able to replace a crock pot or slow cooker, it really can’t. A standard slow cooker on LO should come to at least 200°F and on HIGH should come to 300°F. This is not only to make sure the food is at a safe temperature to eat but this is the temperature that tenderizes the meat and gets that fall apart texture you want from a slow cooker.

I have done a side by side comparison of my Instant Pot Duo and the Mealthy 2.0 on the slow cook function. I set both to LO (Instant Pot the LO function is = to LESS) and cooked my chicken fricassee recipe for 8 hours. I tested the temperature half way through and also at the end of the cooking time and this was what I found…..

Mealthy 2.0Instant Pot Duo
Temp after 4 hours207° F175° F
Temp after 8 hours212° F176° F

So which is better to replace a Slow Cooker?….Mealthy!

Comparison #5: Sous Vide Function

This is an easy one. If you want the sous vide function on your electric pressure cooker, then you need to go with the Instant Pot brand. Now, not all models have the sous vide function, so you have to make sure you choose one that does. However, this is one function that I use quite a bit and is really one of my favorite things about my Instant Pot. It’s brought my cooking up to a whole new level.

If you don’t believe me, try my recipe for Instant Pot Sous Vide Pork Loin or my Instant Pot Sous Vide Steak and you will see!

So which would I choose to Sous Vide the best steak in the world?….Instant Pot!

My video goes into a little more detail o other comparisons between the 2 but in the end, I think the Mealthy 2.0 Multipot is a great beginner electric pressure cooker. I feel it is much more beginner friendly in that it has a automatic sealing lid, a less finicky liner so you don;t get the burn notice as much, a more detailed user manual, and a true slow cooker mode.

That said, I definitely couldn’t give up my Instant Pot because I need that Sous Vide function and as far as side by side comparison as a pressure cooker, they cook pretty much the same. But I really like the Mealthy and even though I was a hard core IP fan, I happily made space for my new Mealthy 2.0. Welcome to the family!

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