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How to Clean the Instant Air Fryer Ovens (Vortex Plus, Omni, and Omni Plus)

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The question I get asked the most, isn’t about cooking or air frying. It’s not about recipes or time and temperatures. The question I get asked the most is…

“What’s the best way to clean the air fryer oven?”

The following is a video that shows you step by step the BEST way to clean your Instant Voretx Plus, Omni, and Omni Plus.

Instant brand air fryers are actually really well made and the non-stick coating on the Vortex Plus and Omni Plus (and even the Omni that doesn’t have a non-stick coating) is very easy to clean. But, the key to keeping your Instant Air Fryer Toaster Oven clean, and really any air fryer) is the most important tip I can give you….

Always clean your oven after you cook in it!

Cooking in an uncleaned air fryer oven is the surest way to make cleaning it more difficult. I have been using my ovens since they came out in August and October of 2019 and I have successfully kept them clean following the simple steps of unplugging, letting the oven cool down, and then wiping with a Norwex cloth.

** I do not sell Norwex cloths, nor do I receive any funds from the selling of them. But if you want to buy them, this is the person I buy mine from. **

Norwex Envirocloth:

How do you clean built on grease?

Of course even with wiping it down after every use (or you forget to wipe it down), you will inevitably get built on grease. The following is my 2 Part Step to cleaning built on grease.

Below are the before and after pictures of my Omni and Vortex Plus.

Cleaning Part 1: Baking Soda Paste

The first part of the deep cleaning process starts with making and applying a baking soda paste.

For the Vortex Plus, mix 1/4 cup Baking Soda with 2 Tbl Warm Water.

For the Omni/Omni, mix 1/2 cup Baking Soda with Warm Water.

Using a Paint brush or toothbrush, apply the paste to the sides, back, and ceiling of the oven. **In the pictures below I only applied it to half in order to do a side by side comparison. However, you will apply the paste to the inside of the entire oven.**

Things to remember when applying the paste:

  1. Constantly mix the paste while applying it. The baking soda tends to separate from the water.
  2. Remove the trays and the drip tray.
  3. You can place a piece of parchment paper or a paper towel on the floor of the oven to help with clean up.
  4. Do NOT apply the paste to the plastic parts like the rotisserie knob in the Vortex Plus, the heating elements, the connections of the heating elements in the Omni/Omni Plus, or the outside.
  5. When applying the paste to the ceiling of the oven, don’t apply it to any place you can’t reach with a sponge to clean it off.
  6. Be careful with sharp edges in the ovens. The Vortex Plus has a sharp edge along the top and the Omni/Omni Plus has sharp edges near the top coil heating element.
  7. As the paste dries, it will turn bright white. You can see where you missed applying the paste and add more if needed.

Once you ahve applied the paste to the inside of the oven, the most important part is….

Let it sit for 12 to 24 hours!

This is the most important part. Baking soda is a basic solution and works great to cut through acidic grease. However, it is not very strong, so it needs time to work.

When you are ready to remove the paste you will need:

  • Large bowl of water
  • Sponge with a non-scratch scouring side (or you can use a heavy duty brillo sponge that has been used and is worn down)
  • toothbrush
  • straw cleaning brush
  • Norwex cloth

As you use the sponge to remove the baking soda, constantly rinse it int he bowl of water and wring it out. Use the toothbrush and straw brush to get into the tight spaces.

Do NOT press hard while scrubbing. Just take your time. This is a slow process but worth it!

Once you have removed the baking soda, use the Norwex cloth to wipe down the sides, making sure to get off any residue that is left.

You can stop at this point, but if you are like me and want your oven to look as close to brand new as possible, then the next step is….

Cleaning Part 2: Steam Cleaning

The baking soda does a great job cutting through the first few layers of the baked on grease. To get the rest off, the best thing I have found to use is my steam cleaner. The one I recommend is the Dupray Multipurpose Steam Cleaner.

Of course I don’t just use this steam cleaner for my oven. It’s one of my favorite things and I use it to clean just about everything.

Use the brush end of your steam cleaner to clean the sides. The trick is to steam the grease for about 10 seconds in order to allow the hot steam to melt the grease. Then you can wipe it away.

Use the fine nozzle to get into the tight spaces like at the top edge of the Vortex Plus and the metal brackets on the Omni/Omni Plus.

The steam cleaner is also fabulous at getting in the hard to reach space where the door clips in on the Vortex Plus as well as the edge between the door and the glass on the Omni/Omni Plus.

Do NOT use the steam on the heating elements, heating coil, rotisserie knob, or on the ceiling near the fan.

Cleaning the Trays

Even though the manual says the trays are dishwasher safe, I have never had to use the dishwasher. For both the Vortex Plus and Omni/Omni Plus, the trays are easy to clean with just soap and water and a sponge.

I find for tough stuck on grease, Dawn Platinum Powerwash is awesome. I just spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes and then I can clean off any grease and food with the sponge.

For the basket, I find a produce brush works great!

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Thanks for the very informative (as always) video. It seems this week was one filled with questions on the IP Community site on how to clean the ovens . I always take a soapy dishrag and wipe out my Vortex Plus oven after each use, but have found that the bracket for the rotisserie never comes clean and now the silver edge around the window has stains too. Your methods will take care of those as shown in your video. One thing I wondered when I saw all the products, you tried, was one actually an oven cleaner? I’ve been… Read more »


Yeah, that was my main worry too. I have a ’79 coil burner stove with an unrecoverable heating element. When I’d spray the oven, clean it, then turn on the heat, the element would show where the spray didn’t fully come off and I’d have to redo it a 2nd or 3rd time. I think I’ll pass on the oven cleaner. Thanks!

VJ Bailey

I have watched your video on cleaning the Instant pot omni 9 in 1 oven. In the pictures it appears as though you removed the door. Can you explain how to do that?


Hello, Lana. First, thank you so much for your videos. They are SO helpful. I used my Omni Plus for the first time today and roasted a whole chicken. Unfortunately, I did not see your video about putting tinfoil in until after I was done. It made quite a mess in the bottom of unit. The bottom heating element looks a mess. I gently wiped it, but nothing came off. Do I need to do something else? Thank you in advance for your advice.


The first time I cleaned the oven door of my Omni Plus, using just a damp microfiber cloth, liquid went in between the panes of glass on the door. There’s no way to get to that to clean it. Is that a normal thing or should it have been sealed? I hate that there are grease drips on the glass.