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Thanks for the very informative (as always) video. It seems this week was one filled with questions on the IP Community site on how to clean the ovens . I always take a soapy dishrag and wipe out my Vortex Plus oven after each use, but have found that the bracket for the rotisserie never comes clean and now the silver edge around the window has stains too. Your methods will take care of those as shown in your video. One thing I wondered when I saw all the products, you tried, was one actually an oven cleaner? I’ve been… Read more »


Yeah, that was my main worry too. I have a ’79 coil burner stove with an unrecoverable heating element. When I’d spray the oven, clean it, then turn on the heat, the element would show where the spray didn’t fully come off and I’d have to redo it a 2nd or 3rd time. I think I’ll pass on the oven cleaner. Thanks!

VJ Bailey

I have watched your video on cleaning the Instant pot omni 9 in 1 oven. In the pictures it appears as though you removed the door. Can you explain how to do that?


Hello, Lana. First, thank you so much for your videos. They are SO helpful. I used my Omni Plus for the first time today and roasted a whole chicken. Unfortunately, I did not see your video about putting tinfoil in until after I was done. It made quite a mess in the bottom of unit. The bottom heating element looks a mess. I gently wiped it, but nothing came off. Do I need to do something else? Thank you in advance for your advice.


i just did the same thing – can anyone help – the heating elements are a total burned on mess


The first time I cleaned the oven door of my Omni Plus, using just a damp microfiber cloth, liquid went in between the panes of glass on the door. There’s no way to get to that to clean it. Is that a normal thing or should it have been sealed? I hate that there are grease drips on the glass.

Carla Bond

Can i use this same process on the glass door. That is where my grease build upnis

Olivia Pollard

There is grease between the glass. How do I clean this?

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