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I don’t see the link to watch the video.
What an amazing wealth of information, I saved it to a document.
Thank you so much.

David Ecker

I got a burn notice when I made a chili cheese Mac. I didn’t have diced tomatoes in water and had to use crushed tomatoes in purée instead. I should have reduced the purée and replaced with sufficient water. I was cooking ground turkey and a lot got stuck to the bottom. I lost my dish because the macaroni was mushy. It was very upsetting to me and I was using Duo Evo Plus. I gave up and removed all the food and cleaned up the burnt material on the bottom and made another dish that did fine. The next… Read more »

David Ecker

I knew that it wasn’t a done deal and that thick ingredients won’t get the machine up to pressure but by the time I added the additional water the macaroni wasn’t worth saving. I’m glad the IP has all this protection because I am assured that my food will be good with the right ingredients and balance!


Hey Lana! Great blog and videos! I found you searching out Vortex Plus answers… Anyhow…I was getting the burn notice when making spaghetti/pasta in my 3Qt. IP. What I surmised was the bottom of the pot was too flat and the pasta was making too much contact w/ the heated surface. So… What I do now is roughly cut a 7" circle of aluminum foil and lightly crumple it and then uncrumple it and drop it in the pot. Then I continue as normal. What this does is reduce the direct contact of the solids in your recipes w/ the… Read more »

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