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Carmen Garcia

Really Lena. This is quite disappointing. I will be u subscribing from tour blogs and emails since you had to go political.


I love this idea. I often want to make recipes and I don’t have the “brand or specific ingredient” I love that I can use stuff I almost always have to add lib. Don’t worry about small minded people that can’t see your genius. I think your great!

Alex Laza

Your own words. “a large majority… have been let down by a product”. So this is in reference to MSG?? Come on. At least be honest and admit you are upset that the CEO of GOYA was at the White House. Amazing that you had no issue when he was at the White House visiting the Obama administration. Don’t be a two face.


Girl yessss!!!! Your energy I love it. Well for Carmen unsubscribing to your blog, I will be subscribing. You lose one and gain more . I will be telling my girls to come follow you! Don’t ever lose vision because of people like that. Talk to you soon LANA 😁


You lost one and another a couple more! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos… And just stumbled across your blog! Keep up the good work… We appreciate ya!

You’re like the only person doing Omni Plus videos lol!

Dawn Nelson

Same here. As soon as boycott was mentioned, I immediately went to Goya and ordered the real product.


For the Saxon con Azafran, do you just add saffron? Are you still working on it?
Thanks for doing this. I like Sazon, but not all the salt and “stuff”




Also, ignore the haters. I really enjoy your cooking and your replies and feedback! 😀

[…] Copycat Goya Adobo Seasoning […]

[…] Copycat Goya Adobo Seasoning […]

[…] Copycat Goya Adobo Seasoning […]


5 stars

5 stars
¡Hola! Let me start off by saying thank you! I was hesitant to try, but so happy I did. I’ve used Goya my entire life, and I will no longer buy their products. I followed your recipe and it tastes better than the original. It’s less saltier. ¡Mil gracias! Bendiciones.


5 stars
Ooh. I appreciate you going making a recipe and sharing.
I am not fond of additives, and a live in a rural setting with no grocery store.
Thank you!


Thank you for posting this. You were delicate with your words and you never pushed personal views on anyone. It is a fact that many in our community feel a certain way about the brand now. It is also a fact that Goya has msg and tcp in it, both are bad for your health. I have been making my own for years because I cut the salt i half in mine and I also cut the oregano in half because hubby doesn’t like oregano as much. I appreciate your blog and I thank you for this post.


Oh yes, for all those unsubscribing, wish you all well. I am now subscribing. And I sent this recipe to several friends so I’m sure they will subscribe as well. Blessings to you


5 stars
Thanks for the homemade version! You love to cook and your heart is in the right place. Keep sharing!


Thank you for this video I’ve been looking for replacements for these products. Some of my reasons are political others because my family can’t have MSG. How dare anyone come on your page and act so rude! They made it political. Your video is your video, If people don’t like what they are watching just leave. No need to announce your departure this is not an airport! Thank you, and keep up the amazing work. I’ll be replacing the msg with yeast extract or shiitake powder.


hey what’s the serving size of this? 1 TSP?


Thank you so much! I was looking for a substitute recipe for adobo since I’m boycotting Goya. I will try it. 🙂

Estefania Suarez

Ive always loved your recipes but since this post……. really?? Ill go out and buy xtra goya. latina here for Trump wake up maam im not unsubbing but you truly need to do more research

Deyvid Soto

you’re pathetic, Estephania 😬
Don’t claim to be Latina… you’re far from it. Que lastima.


I rarely comment to blog posts or anything else (they always say never read the comments!) but just adding one more to the “yay!” pile because I’m glad you made this and am happily sharing with folks in my network 🙂 Especially after Goya’s CEO continues to make a fool of himself spreading conspiracy theories. We don’t need that in our community or our world and certainly not in our kitchens. Keep up the good work!

Deborah j myers

Hey Lana, my first visit to your site and I'm thrilled to find this recipe! I had no idea adobo seasoning is mainly used in Cuban cuisine. I grew up a poor farm girl and we are only what we grew, and an exotic seasoning was garlic! Lol. Since that time, I have searched out new foods and seasoning options. I bought Goya adobo at a discount store. Tried it, loved it, and since I make as many of my own seasoning mixes as I can (ultimately cheaper in the long run), I tried a few recipes and was disappointed.… Read more »


Puerto Rican cuisine as well.

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