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This is wonderful Lana. Exactly what I needed! You are so kind to take the time (and talent!) to help clear up the confusion.


Thanks, Lana. Very useful info! I have a question, though. If I’m doing bacon in the basket, and it’s dripping fat like crazy, what do I do with or on the bottom? I want to avoid smoke and as much mess as possible. And do you wipe the heating elements to clean them after? I don’t want to damage them.


Sorry…foil truck? Doesn’t take much to confuse me 😁


When I tried to do that the foil would not stay put due to the air convection? How do you make it stay put ? Even when I put foil on the drip tray I gave to use heavy duty foil which still flaps but luckily is tucked around the edges of the pan so stays

echinacea beverhousen

it specifically says not to use foil in this oven, due to risk of fire.

Patty Quakenbush

Omni plus has a air fry basket can you provide the link as to where I can buy that for my Omni plus ? I can’t seem to locate the basket on amazon

Lavon Engel

How to make a pizza in the omni plus??

Susan Bark

How do I reheat pizza? Ty ☺️🌴🌴


to reheat pizza i find myself wanting to use toast function because it doesn’t need to preheat but then I can’t use the drip tray to catch the cheese when it melts . Because air fry is the only function that using only top element i find myself using that all the time since it allows me to use the drip tray . So i feel i am not making use of the other functions. I watched your other videos but still not sure when to use bake or roast . Also Why does switching from one function to another… Read more »

Lavon Engel

Lana,please try to get us replacements. I need a misplaced oven rack. THANKS

Annette Craft

Hi Lana. I’ve misplaced my rotisserie attachments. How can I get a replacement

brenda scott

Where can I buy extra fryer basket and rack? I just air fried an apple. It took 2 times. Half an apple each. Not much room


Are both the Omni and the Omni Plus the same dimensions?


how do you slow cook in this oven


Hi, do you have a link for the sheet pan that you use instead of the drip pan?

Cynthia Roberts

Thanks for the great info!
Do you happen to know where I can get a replacement for the oven rack for Omni Plus?


I wish I had found this site when I got omni plus for xmas. I had seen these ads for months and treated myself … Sighhhhhh but bought it on line from FB market sale SITE What a ripe off … as they never returned calls or text messages The rack and drip tray kept falling to the bottom of unit AND NO ROASTERY UNIT..GRRRRRRR.. Feeling the unit was dropped or crushed down by excessive shipping weight I carefully measured.. The unit at each marked areas on glass door, the top and bottom to find all exactly the same… sighhhhhh… Read more »


Hey there…new to the group and Omni Plus. I also own a Cosori basket type and am addicted to air frying!
i’m having trouble w/ Omni racks slipping when I pull food out to turn it over. Rack drops out of the side groove causing it to tilt. Kinda dangerous. Am I doing something wrong?

Tony D.

Do you have issues with the oven rack falling or not fitting properly on any of the Instant Omni models you've tried? Thinking of switching from my NuWave because it's a little too small sometimes, but I've heard rumors about issues with the racks being too narrow for the slot.


Hi, I’m looking to use the dehydrator but not sure which rack to use. Also, can I use more than one rack at a time when dehydrating. It’s such a waste of time to dehydrate only what fits on one rack. Thanks for your help!


I want to dehydrate foods in my omni pro but dont have enough baking racks. Any recommendations?


Where can I purchase replacement parts like the wire rack and the drip tray?

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