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This is wonderful Lana. Exactly what I needed! You are so kind to take the time (and talent!) to help clear up the confusion.


Thanks, Lana. Very useful info! I have a question, though. If I’m doing bacon in the basket, and it’s dripping fat like crazy, what do I do with or on the bottom? I want to avoid smoke and as much mess as possible. And do you wipe the heating elements to clean them after? I don’t want to damage them.


Sorry…foil truck? Doesn’t take much to confuse me 😁

Patty Quakenbush

Omni plus has a air fry basket can you provide the link as to where I can buy that for my Omni plus ? I can’t seem to locate the basket on amazon

Lavon Engel

How to make a pizza in the omni plus??

Susan Bark

How do I reheat pizza? Ty ☺️🌴🌴

Lavon Engel

Lana,please try to get us replacements. I need a misplaced oven rack. THANKS

Annette Craft

Hi Lana. I’ve misplaced my rotisserie attachments. How can I get a replacement

brenda scott

Where can I buy extra fryer basket and rack? I just air fried an apple. It took 2 times. Half an apple each. Not much room


Are both the Omni and the Omni Plus the same dimensions?

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