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Hi Lana, Here are all my notes on the pizza stone and fresh dough crust testing that I did. PIZZA STONE with FRESH DOUGH CHEESE PIZZA COOKED in a SMALL FORMAT AIR FRYER OVEN Base Recipe and Procedure I started with a base recipe for all the tests in order to keep the results relative to one another. The recipe was 6 ounces of fresh Pizza Dough from a larger batch that I made in my bread machine. I divided the large dough ball into 6 ounce portions which were each rolled out very thin to a diameter of 8… Read more »


I love your videos. Learned a lot. Pizza trick is the best!! Ive never liked frozen pizza. No more delivery!! It’s degioro crescent for me.

Have you ever tried an angel food cake is the Omni Plus? Tyi.

Jeanie Ahrens

I just got my Omni Plus on Sunday but I'd been looking for recipes after I ordered it and discovered your site. I knew the first thing I'd try was frozen pizza–easy. I did do toast for breakfast and then the pizza for dinner. I watched your video and took notes but it got too brown even with the tray over it. Then I watched your video on how to adjust oven recipes to air fryer recipes. Your mathematical equation would have helped my pizza. I didn't look at the box and it was only supposed to bake in the… Read more »

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