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Instant Pot Cuban Creole Soup (Ajiaco)

A delicious dish with the most unappetizing name.

Desserts, Instant Pot Cuban Recipes

IP Cuban Bread Pudding (Pudin de Pan)

I love it when I find family recipes that don't take too much work in order to reinvent them into Instant Pot recipes. So when I find a recipe that already calls for a pressure cooker, it's a win win. And when that recipe also happens to be a delicious dessert, it's a win win… Continue reading IP Cuban Bread Pudding (Pudin de Pan)


The Instant Pot A B C’s of this Blog.

A is for Authentic The recipes you will find here are about being as authentic as possible. Actually, it's the reason I started this whole thing to begin with. I went looking online for Cuban recipes for the Instant Pot, and kept seeing ingredients that were not only nontraditional, but changed the dish into something… Continue reading The Instant Pot A B C’s of this Blog.