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Andrea C

This looks amazing. I’ve done tamales the Mexican way and — whew! Delicious but a TON of work. I have just finished making your recipe for Yucca con Mojo. Cooking yuca in the IP was WAY easier than I do it (used to do it, that is), and it turned out delicious. So I can’t wait to try this one AND the Cuban beans. Please keep it up!


Oh my gosh you made my day! Thank you so much. The IP makes cooking yucca do much easier for sure. No boiling all day watching the water level. I am so glad you like my recipe. ❤🇨🇺

Andrea C

I’m glad I made your day. By the way — an additional plus that deserves mention is that all three of these recipes are gluten free and dairy free (assuming people are careful with their source of spices, for instance). Might be worth a mention, to attract people searching. Keep cooking! I’ll definitely tune back in. -From MN.


Brilliant! You are absolutely right. Im going to add that. Thank you.

Carla H

Could these be made with leftover pork shoulder roast? Perhaps by simmering leftover vubes with the dpices til soft enough t o shred?


Absolutely! You could just chop it fine and add it. That would be amazing!

Carla H


Carla H

Made these last night with the leftover pork shoulder roast previously mentioned. Simmered the pork cubes with the spices and broth. Got 2 thumbs up from the hubby! Do you have any other recipes using the tamal masa mix? Its just the two if us and the 4.4 lb bag will be a long time getting used up if I just make tamales.


Yay! That sounds delicious and I’m so glad it came out great. As of now I don’t have another recipe yet but I’m working on Tamal en Cazuela which is a Cuban tamales casserole. ❤

Dawn T

I’ve made these exactly as this recipe, and I loved them. My boyfriend bought me a 5lb bag of frozen corn meal in homestead fl, I’ve never used this before, is this mixture the same as what you call the “corn smoothie”. How would I use this in your recipe? Thank you, Dawn


I’m so glad you like them!❤ I’ve never used the frozen corn meal so that’s a great question. I’ll ask my dad if he had and get back to you. If it says on the bag that it’s masa for tamales then I expect it should cook the same.

Cathy Dimaria

can you make with chicken


Absolutely! I make it with chicken for my daughter and they are so good. You could even use leftover chicken too.

im so glad you shared your story on the instant pot community on facebook. i read it yesterday and was making brisket at the time and told everyone i was going to use your recipe and make brisket tamales . ive never even made tamales …they are all mixed up and in my instant pot now… used the foil method… fingers crossed.. i can say i saved the juice from the brisket and i tasted the mix before i scooped it into the foil and omg it was good…have 8 people waiting on them to see if i can really… Read more »


Oh my word brisket tamales sound amazing!! Thank you so much for your kind words and im so glad you loved reading my blog. I live sharing my family stories and recipes with everyone. Please let me know how they turn out. ❤


This recipe is sooooooo delicious! Thank you! My kiddos loved it too! A real winner 😊


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for trying it out and I’m so glad your family liked them! ❤


I made these tonight. Made a lot!! I really liked but next time I’m gonna use less foil 😂
Love that you included the reheated directions and the fact that they can be frozen is a huge plus!! Recipe is a keeper! Thank you!

Lisa Hill

Do you reheat from frozen or thaw first? We made these & froze half. Amazing!

Lisa Hill

One more quick question…lol. Can these be made & wrapped one day and then steamed the next or does it all need to be done the same day? We’ve made several of your recipes now and are thrilled with them. Thanks!

Sandra Davis

I am making tamales your way very soon. I’ve been looking for a recipe for a while. Yours look so easy! Thanks so much for this recipe!❤️❤️


I’m heartbroken! Most of mine exploded. What did I do wrong? Thank you for such a wonderful recipe!



The foil….did I maybe put too much? I am just devastated. I was so hoping I did it right. I put 24 in my pot then did them for 30 minutes.


I did the foil. Put 24 in my pot for 30 minutes. Maybe did I fill them too full? I’m just devastated. Thank you for all the help!


Your amazing!!! Thank you!


What’s the name of your FB Group?


Have you tried freezing the Cuban Tamales after preparation and then cooking from frozen in the Instant Pot? If so, how long?


Can I use plain Maseca instead of the Masa Mix? Or maybe they are the same?? I live in Canada & the only place in our city to purchase ingredients hadn’t heard of the mix. Thanks.


I Love the way you tell how to cook the tamales. You give concise instructions without going on and on about the same thing for 5 minutes. You are very clear about everything, most of all about being able to use different types of ingredients for seasoning and for the marinade, and also the masa.


I refer people to your blog when they ask about tamale recipes for the IP. This is not quite related to the tamales themselves but I hope you might know how I can take corn husks and preserve them to make tamales up the road. It is corn season here and getting corn husks hasn't been easy in past years. Is this a case where bigger (longer would be a better word) is better? Some of the pages I have perused look to make really tiny tamales because the husk looks to be maybe 6" long. Is there an ideal… Read more »


Love the way you explained everything so clearly and detailed, you are amazing and this recipe is perfect. I made it a few months ago using chicken, it was delicious, now is fresh corn time here in Québec, Canada so I’m getting ready to make more but using pork this time. Gracias por compartir la receta. Patria y vida.🇨🇺

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