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Was super excited to make this, however unfortunately for me, it triggered the dreaded BURN indicator on my 8 DUO. Do you think it’s because I’m using an 8? Do I need to modify the liquid for the larger pot? I followed the recipe to a “T”, but the rice burned to the bottom of the pot. I am in the process of trying to save it with lots more water, etc…but it’s not looking good. Let me know if you have any thoughts for future attempts. THANKS!


Oh no! I have a feeling you are exactly right that it was probably because of the size difference between the 6 and 8 qt. The 8 at head a bigger diameter so the larger surface area of rice touching the bottom caused it to burn. Also after reading your comment i did some research and the rice cup that comes with the instant pot is not actually 1 cup but rather 180ml not 240 ml. I will definitely make that note in my recipe. Also, I realize that there are lots of different white rice. Being Cuban we’r use… Read more »


Thanks Lana! Your recipes are awesome and it warms the heart of this Puerto Rican! I’m sure with trial and error, we can get this to work in the 8qt.


I’m on a mission now to get this figured out. And once I got it…
Arroz con gandules!❤👍🇵🇷🇨🇺

Joel Stauring

I use an 8 cup but did half the recipe and this worked for me. I used exact cups not the rice measure I usually use. This is the first time I was able to get my rice to work without burning. It is close to what I have in Cuba.

Robby Fernandez

Ohhhhhhh…..now you’re talking! Then alcapurias in the air fryer!


Just tried and got the BURN signal as well. I also have the 8 qt. So disappointed as I’ve been making rice and beans in my rice cooker and was hoping to get rid of it but can’t find a recipe that works with the 8th qtr instant pot.


The 8 qt is tricky. My father has an 8 at so im going to try and make it in his too see what the ratio would be. Sorry it didn’t work out.

Deborah R


How would I modify the recipe if I wanted to use dry beans? Would I still be able to cook the rice and beans together?


Hi. The issue with dry beans is they take 45 on HP which is way too long for even brown rice. Plus you would have no way of controlling the water amount like you would when cooking this dish on the stove. So I can’t think of how to reconcile both of those factors which is why I went with the canned beans.


Maybe if you soak the beans overnight it will soften them enough to cook together with the rice?

Café Sid

So do you think this could be easily converted to make on the stovetop instead of Instant Pot? I’ve had this page bookmarked for the last few days for the carne guisada recipe we’re making tonight, but I made the foolish mistake of starting new batch of yogurt in my Instant Pot this morning so now I don’t have an inner pot. Was so looking forward to making this!


Tried this recipe with the standard 6qt and got the burn notice. Even w the layered beans the water + bean can slurry was too thick to come up to pressure without burning. Added water and trying again now 🙁


Just made this yesterday, the 2nd time I’ve ever used my instant pot and I’m happy to say it came out great! Thank you for sharing this.


Made the black beans (sans rice) last week and they were excellent! Saw this recipe and wondered how the rice and beans could cook together. Canned beans, of course! Makes sense given the quick time for the rice vs the long time for dried beans. This recipe sounds like it would work out better for me since it is faster and I can use it when I get home on the weekdays. Went looking for more bean recipes, but didn’t see any. Please post more! Frijoles Colorados?!


I love black beans and rice (have been using the recipe on the back of the Goya can for a long time). How long would I cook this using brown basmati rice (that’s all I have) ? I’m very new to pressure cooking. This will be my 2nd recipe in my Mealthy 2.0! Thanks in advance, Sue


I love how systematic and thoroughly tested your recipes are! Todavia no he estrenado la olla IP y pienso hacerlo con la receta de frijoles negros 🙂

Two questions: 1, do you think I could use your black bean recipe here in lieu of the Goya beans, using the liquid to cook the rice? 2, have you ever used Kirby beans? They are flawless in their Cuban seasoning, and I’ve made moros y cristianos often using that very flavorful bean water. Happy New Year and thanks again!


This is my second time making this recipe! It is to pair with your amazing vortex rotisserie pork roast as I had to buy a large pork shoulder butt so I cooked two. The meat has thawed and I can’t wait to have this again! Hi Lana! Where have you been?

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