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Jami Godshall

These look delicious! I couldn’t find a printer friendly button. The print button wants me to print 31 pages! Is there one?


Hi! I’m new to web design and I haven’t figured out how to make a printer friendly version yet. However, I’m going to do some research now and see how to add one.


You could copy just the recipe, paste it onto a document ( do you have a program on your computer or phone to create documents?), and then print it. Hope this helps.

Marian Fry

Jami, you could either highlight the recipe, press “Ctrl” “C”, which copies it, and then take it to your word processor and “paste” it into a document, OR highlight the recipe and press “Ctrl” “P”, which should print it right from your computer.


Just print the page that has the recipe on it….go to the printer options page and select the pages

Deb Albritton

Hi Lana-I am new to your site-just found it today because of the unboxing video of the Vortex!! For this recipe you state no need to remove the silver skin- I have always taken it off when making ribs and am curious how leaving it on will effect the outcome. Why do you leave it on? Thanks!

Marsha kathnelson

I do not like hoisin sauce. (My husband loves it). Neither of us likes cloves, as in the 5 spice powder. Can you recommend a substitute for both? These ribs look “devourable” though and I’d love to try them.

julie stocks

Hey, there, have all the ingredients but sesame oil, cold I use another type? cheers


Hi. Sesame oil had a very unique strong flavor. But you could just omit it and it should be fine. Enjoy!


Hi, you mentioned rice wine in the recipe but on the picture it shows rice vinegar.. that are 2 different things.


Thank you so much for letting me know. When I was setting up the ingredients to take the pictures I took out the Rice Vinegar instead of the Cooking Sake (which is the Japanese equivalent to Shaoxing wine or Chinese rice wine). I inserted the correct picture. Thank you again.

Anna Marie

In your recipe it is stated to use Rice Wine, but the photo shows Rice Wine Vinegar. Do you use the wine or the vinegar?


Thank you for pointing that out. When I set up the ingredients to photograph them, I took out my Rice Vinegar instead of my rice wine (which I had Japanese Cooking sake which is pretty much the same thing as Chinese Shaoxing wine or rice wine). I went back and fixed it. Rice vinegar is different since it’s more fermented. However, I bet you could sub 1/4 rice vinegar and 1/4 water if you don’t have the wine and it would turn out just as good! Enjoy.


I made these this morning. Some thoughts: 1. Honey isn’t listed in the ingredients but is in the recipe. 2. My ribs were completely falling apart after a 18 pressure cooker and NPR. Next time I do this, I’d still do 18 min cook but a 10 min NPR then a quick release. 3. These take time to make. From start to finish, it was over 2 hours (not all active cooking time). Keep that in mind if you’re making them for dinner. 4. I cut back the five spice to 1.5 tap because it’s an overwhelming spice blend. We’ll… Read more »


Thank you so much for your feedback! I added the honey to the main list. So glad you caught that! As for the time, it really depends on the rights, the size of the pressure cooker, and even the altitude. I live when others share their experience doing the recipes. I also love you taking the time to share the changes to the spice amount. I really appreciate it!😁❤

Catherine m Stumpf

My friend is Jewish and they would not eat pork.


Good point, Orthodox Jews and many Conservative Jews keep Kosher, so no pork. I am Reform and my family was Conservative but didn’t keep Kosher. I think I read somewhere that a little over 20% of Jews in America keep Kosher, so it is important to make sure before cooking for a Jewish guest. Thank you for sharing!

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