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How to
reheat a plate with Instant Omni plus toaster oven


I’m certainly looking forward to see how the Instant Omni Plus will fare against the upcoming Anova Precision Oven to be released later in 2020. Age, wisdom and patience have taught me to play it safe by adopting a wait and see attitude. IMO, the ultimate comparison will be a showdown between the Anova Precision oven and the Instant Omni Plus. Nevertheless, thank you for your very informative video. Job well done!

Last edited 2 years ago by Annette

I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss the days when we could go out and just read about a product and read tips and tricks. Everything from reviews to recipes is pretty much limited to video video now. It takes so much more time to watch a video for what you need than to skim through an article.

Rhonda Basha

Has anyone had issues with the bread toasting but not browning. I tried increasing the slices using the button on the right and the time but it didn’t seem to make a difference


Yes. This was a real disappointment. I used the “Toast” program after failing to do what I wanted in terms of layer cakes, thinking toasted cheese sandwiches might keep me from sending it back. No luck. It toasted but did not brown. Eventually, after running the program THREE TIMES I gave up, turned on Air Fry, got them a beautiful brown on one side, had to turn them just as if I had used my Vortex, and got my sandwiches! So for now, I plan to send it back. If I could make a two layer cake in it, I’d… Read more »


Fine if you want sheet cakes or one layer cakes! But my specialty and the cakes my family and friends like are usually three layers, and two layers is a compromise. I do realize I could divide the batter in half and bake one layer at a time, but it really means that the oven is not the right one for the purpose. I sent the Omni Plus back to Amazon and I’m beginning to think I’ll just have to save up for a wall mounted convection oven with “regular” baking mode. In the meantime, we use our Vortex Plus… Read more »

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