fried chicken
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5 stars
I used skinless chicken breasts. The next day the leftovers made great cold sandwiches! Thank you so much. Would never have thought I would have “fried chicken” again since I am on meds for high cholesterol.


5 stars
Really yummy!


This came out PERFECT! I did a few tweaks (brined the chicken ahead and added a spicy rub after to give it a touch of hot chicken flavor) but generally followed yours and it was juicy and crispy and amazing. Fiance said it was better than any homemade fried chicken he’s ever had– we’re talking fancy restaurant levels of good flavor. My only issue is the darn omni’s air fryer basket was a MESS afterwards– no matter how much I spray it with oil ahead, breading always sticks. But I just found a non-slip mesh liner that I’m going to… Read more »


lol – yes, a baby who paints!


Good morning! I watched your video and it stated you’d put the times to cook other pieces of chicken (white meat, etc.) but I don’t see that. I’m specifically looking for thighs, as I plan on cooking thighs and drumsticks tonight for dinner. 🙂 Thank you!!


I used boneless, skinless thighs. This is the first time I’ve used the air fryer (for anything). The chicken came out great, but it was oversalted. Darn that Johnny’s. I’ll play with the seasoning some more, but I’m thrilled.

I’m making french fries, now. This is fun!


That's exactly my thought tonight… I'll delete the extra salt and the lowry's salt and try again. The thighs were perfect and I never missed the skin with this coating….It was good…just the salt.. blahhhhh TTFN, I'm going to go drink another gallon of water.


1 star
The receipt says that’s it’s for an instant pot air fryer but that is not what was used in the video at all. Oh, well. I will find a different receipt to try.

Mary Disterhoft

Do I cook it for the same amount.of time if I am using a Mealthy Air Fryer lid?


5 stars

5 stars
It clearly is an IP Air Fryer in the video. You can even see it in the still above. Maybe you are thinking of the IP Air Fryer lid? Concept is still the same. Thanks for the great recipe and guidance, Lana!

Stacey Woods

Just tried this, with the Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer, it turned out perfect! Thank you so much, I will be trying this again for sure!


I can not wait to try this recipe out

Diana Melander

5 stars
Thankyou so much. I am so happy with this recipe.

Werra Watson

LANA you did it AGAIN. My husband is picky, he does not like anything. I was just going to bake him chicken breasts tonight and he suddenly piped up he wanted “Fried Chicken”. Well I have had NO luck with the Omni for Air Frying so I went to your site immediately to see what you had. I only made two pieces since my husband is so fussy. He cut into the first piece and said “This is really good”. I just cooked up two more pieces. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I love the video. I watched it… Read more »


Do you think it would work if the chicken parts were frozen? I’ve been reading where you can cook from frozen in the instapot. That might throw off the moisture to flour ratio you’re talking about, but maybe it’s possible?

Mary Gunt

1 star
Used Instant Vortex Plus. Followed recipe. Checked the meat at 19 minutes. Looked good. Put it in for three more minutes meat was dry. If it were cooked for three additional minutes to reach the recommended 25 minutes, it would have been inedible.


5 stars
I’ve made your fried chicken several times now. I’ve tried subbing milk with almond and soy milk, and it always comes out great. Thank you Lana!!!!

Werra Watson

5 stars
What about boneless skinless chicken breasts? What would the cook time be?

Werra Watson

5 stars
I had to come back one more time. I made this last night- again, this time with boneless skinless chicken breasts. My husband the most picky and critical eater in the world. Said out loud- THIS IS THE BEST CHICKEN EVER! This recipe is such a home run. For anyone who is thinking of trying it- DO IT. Thank you Lana.


I am making this recipe for the first time today. I read wrong and double dipped my chicken in the flour mixture. I’m also cooking thighs, legs and breasts. So I’m hoping it comes out good. Can’t wait to see.


5 stars
After getting a Vortex Oven and Omni, had to make fried chicken! Thanks for the video and detailed instructions! Loved it and will make it again! I used the Omni and cleaned up with Dawn PowerWash on the rack and drip tray, and it was so easy that I will definitely make this again!

Rodney Lux

Do put the chicken on the wire rack in the center of the oven?

Rodney Lux

I found a 10 x 14 wire rack on amazon. will it work in the omni plus?

Kaye M.

5 stars
Sounds so good! I have the Instant Vortex Mini (basket style) – inside tray is 6.58” square. I’m thinking, by batching, I could do a half recipe. I love thighs and am okay with bone-in or boneless. Any changes to the recipe needed?


4 stars
I brined my boneless chicken breast tenders with pickle juice for an hour first.Then made the chicken according to the recipe minus the milk with the eggs. I didn't have a mister for olive oil either so used Pam It tasted very good, but they were a little dry. There was a lot of dishes to clean up along with the Omni air fryer after which was a bit of a pain. The seasoning was good, not too hot but with a kick.


This is what a cooking site should be like, clear, concise and delivered in a confident manner with easy to find recipes, my go to site for air fryer cooking, well done.

R. Batton

Your recipe is spot on! Delicious! Thank you! One of my husband's favorite restaurants sprinkles kosher salt on immediately after frying their chicken, so I added that one touch.


I made chicken thighs last night and wanted to come here and thank you for the recipe and your YouTube videos about the vortex plus! The chicken came out great! I turned it at 10 minutes and cooked it for about another 8-10. Also, I purchased my vortex plus 2 days ago and if I hadn’t found your wonderful instructional videos I would be totally lost. I’ve had an instantpot for a couple of years and was thinking I’d get rid of it because I’d only used it a handful of times. Before I give it away I think I’ll… Read more »

Paul Cam

I made these and followed the directions to a "T", they came out awesome!!! I can't wait to make them again.


5 stars

5 stars
I just made this and it was so good! I’ve never made such crispy moist chicken before. This will be part of our rotation. Thank you!

Kristina P

My husband LOVES fried chicken, but really prefers the breasts and wings. How long and to what temperature should I cook the bone-in breasts? Thank you!

Kristina P

Thanks for the response. I thought it would be the other way around because breasts are larger. Thank you! 🙂

Kathy T.

5 stars

5 stars
I made this in my Emeril Lagasse air fryer, the basket type, and it was fantastic! My fiance and daughter loved it so much! Such a quick and easy to follow fool proof recipe. Thanks so much for sharing this! We love the blend!!!+


So no need for oil is chicken after the whole process is not dry. Please confirm. Thanks


Can someone give me an idea of the weight of "12 drumsticks" so I can adjust the recipe?

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